My Clean Eating Challenge – Final Thoughts

August is almost over and so is my ¨clean eating challenge¨. Now, I wouldn´t call it that anymore. This month of attempting to eat clean has taught me that there are certain things that you can´t change. Like, for example, your budget or your work schedule. Eating ¨clean¨for me, means that I have to dedicate a lot of time creating these complicated dishes that I may … Continue reading My Clean Eating Challenge – Final Thoughts

The Weekend Post: Gay Pride

Hello little cherries! So this weekend has been very intense as it was Gay Pride in Brighton yesterday and some day drinking was done… as well as the night before #whoops. I’ve been pushing my poor body a bit too hard and now I’m catching up with my healthy eating again -which I have been doing since my post about my clean eating challenge, with … Continue reading The Weekend Post: Gay Pride

Festival Makeup Swatches!

Hello! In this post I’ll be showing you some swatches of the products I’ll be using this weekend because guess what: it’s Gay Pride in Brighton and I’m super excited!!!! I love big events and festivals where I can get creative and be extra on the makeup and outfits, let’s be honest 😂 Let’s start with the eye shadows, shall we? The first three swatches … Continue reading Festival Makeup Swatches!